How many water sources does one house need?

A week after my daughter was born, a flash flood wiped out Nairobi’s water supply. For four weeks, our taps were dry. Fortunately (and somewhat ironically), it was the rainy season.

Collecting rainwater is somewhat tiresome but we managed. Every time it rained, whoever was home would run outside and place buckets strategically around the house. As soon as a bucket was full, we’d lug it inside and pour the contents into the downstairs bathtub.

After a month of towel bathing and refilling the cistern every time we flushed a toilet, we were ready for the miracle of indoor plumbing. It was awesome to have a shower again.

Our current home has three water sources: city council water; a private borehole managed by our street association; and several water tanks around our property. This is vitally important. After all, it is pointless to have electricity if you don’t have water for the kettle. And a dry kettle means no tea. Without tea, there is nothing but darkness and chaos.

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