Norse Gods & Free Books

I want to introduce you to another author whose series, I Bring the Fire, literally made me want to lock myself in a tower until I could finish all the books without being disturbed.

Yup, that good.

There’s lots I love about the series – the depth of the characters, the evolving complexity of the storyline, the first book being free – but most of all, I loved how I was sucked into the modern-day story of Norse Gods Loki, Thor and Odin, and their human frenemies. I was oh so happy to remain there. My only wail of protest was when the series ended (sniff).

For those who want to pick up the first book (it is free, after all, and highly rated), here are all the links:

Find out more about the author on her website.

If Norse Gods aren’t your thing (but seriously, read the first book first and then decide), there’s always the Mega Giveaway! For those of you north of the equator, it’s summer time and hey, don’t you want books to fill up your eReaders? So Click Here! I’m sure there’s something for everyone.



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