Santa loves you: fun facts & fab gifts, Part 2

Last week, we read about floating post offices and other odd places. Your fellow Society members thought to share these other random facts with me:

6) Jan. 31, 2013, marked 57 years since a B-25 bomber crashed into the Monongahela River, Pittsburgh (USA). What became of the plane still remains a mystery. A second Bermuda triangle, perhaps?

7) The county of Porter (USA) was named after Admiral David Porter. The county’s seat, Valparaiso, is named after the town where Admiral Porter was defeated by the British in 1814. Huh?!

8) The Cocos (Keeling) Islands are where Charles Darwin developed his theory on how coral reefs develop. This place also has the world’s most isolated cricket pitch. These two facts may or may not be related.

9) San Diego has the most fleas in the USA. How did they figure that out?

10) An old neighborhood in Vancouver (Canada) is named Gastown, after bar owner John “Gassy Jack” Deighton. I’m not sure if the ‘gassy’ part comes from all the stories he told his customers or all the alcohol he sold.

Here’s some math for you: 3 giveaways + 2 sweet romance deals = Santa loves you!

Good news: I’ve found a giveaway that won’t leave you flooded with emails. You will only receive a few emails from the contest organizer during the contest itself. Your email will not be given to anyone else. So hop on over HERE and check out the BLOODY BIG GIVEAWAY BLOWOUT. Lots of book prizes (including actual paper books – you remember those!) are up for grabs.

For all you COZY MYSTERY fans, there’s another giveaway just for you. Sign up for a chance to win 2 “Gift Baskets” of 30 cozy eBooks. There are also 30 runner-up prizes, so your chances are high. Hop on over HERE for the details.

Are you a Sci Fi and Fantasy lover? Consider the SFF KINDLE GIVEAWAY. The Kindle winner will also receive free books from the 21 participating authors. You can enter HERE..

And for those who enjoy a little romance under their Christmas tree, check out these two sweet stories:

MAID FOR THE SOUTH POLE: A maid sets out on an expedition to the South Pole. What could go wrong with that?! Find out HERE.

EVERYTHING SHE EVER WANTED: When the perfectly planned life falls apart, can you still find a fairy tale ending? Read more HERE.

As the clock ticks down, some of you may be wondering what to get for that person who seems to have everything. No worries – I have you covered with four very sweet book deals along with more Fun Facts in next week’s post.




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