Some mystery madness to rev up your 2017

What’s inside: 8 books for the price of 1; Mystery Madness freebies

Once again, Happy New Year! I celebrated by dragging my family out of the city and to a small log cabin in the middle of Kenya’s Aberdare National Park. At over 3,000m (10,000ft) elevation, you bet it was cold, even if the mountain range is on the equator.

My kids weren’t impressed: no electricity, no Internet (gasp), and no cell phone service for three days! Somehow we survived. The car – not so much. But we had some wonderful close encounters with stunning waterfalls, all sorts of antelope-type creatures and a few elephants. Who knew elephants liked mountain climbing?!

Talking about climbing, we are ticking down to the great big launch of Case 7: Stones of Nairobi. This launch is going to be the best ever. Why? Because I’ll be giving you seven free books as a bonus.

No, I’m not kidding!!!

That’s eight books for the price of one! The bonus books will only be available during the first two days of the launch (29th and 30th January), so keep an eye out for all the juicy details in a future email.

But you may be wondering what to read until then. You could re-read cases 1 to 6. Or all the short stories I’ve handed out.


You could check out these delightful deals:

Any historical thriller buffs out there? THE GROTTO’S SECRET: A healing herb, kept secret for centuries, is at the center of a conspiracy that threatens as much as it promises. TV show host Kelby Wade is forced into the search when her niece is targeted by the relentless assassin who killed her brother. But time isn’t on her side. Find out more HERE.

How about some MYSTERY MADNESS? Ten authors, ten FREE books! You decide which books appeal to you. If you’re still recovering from the holidays and need a little reading fix, hop on over HERE and have fun!



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