The Biggest Spider EVER!!!

goliath-birdeaterToday we discuss spiders. Officially, the largest spider in this world is the Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula. With a 1-foot long body and 1-inch long fangs, it’s big enough to inspire arachnophobia in all but the stout of heart. As if its size isn’t horrible enough, this tarantula can shoot you with its own body hairs!

Fortunately, no hairs will be shooting out of your eReader when you read A Spider Comes Calling. Instead, you will experience all the fun you’ve come to expect from this series with a few new twists, turns and wacky characters.

Early reviewers are raving about it: “Beatrice is witty, funny, and endearing as usual, Mr Timmons is lovable, and Gideon is hilarious.” “The cast of characters is just awesome.” “The pace is fast, furious, and filled with unusual creatures.”

And now it’s your turn! Select your favorite online store and download Case 6 in the Society for Paranormals right away, before the price goes up and a spider hits you with a hair. Or a monkey steals your laptop…

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4 comments on “The Biggest Spider EVER!!!
  1. Wahida says:

    I have case 6? I repeat,I have case 6! It’s too exciting! Can’t wait to read it! W xx.

  2. Wahida says:

    Hiya! Sorry it took so long. I always go through a grieving period when I finish a book and know I have to wait for the next one. That said,I really enjoyed the progress of this book. You managed to make Koki seem more likeable,or I should say tolerable..she wouldn’t think twice of eating our heroine…I never thought that could be possible,especially after reading 5.5. And that Adze,lol! I’m glad we haven’t sent the end of Gideon,he’s exactly what Bea needs and balances out all the craziness. Yes,it’s all going along nicely,just too bad I have to wait for more. Again no pressure,mind you,I have no monkey to keep me busy,so here’s me twiddling my thumbs in the meantime.Thanks…
    Wahida xx

    • Vered says:

      Glad you like the Adze – I adore him! His sister, not so much. And Koki will grow on you. Trust me. Kinda like mould on bread. Good news is that the draft of Book 7 (Stones of Nairobi) is finished and going through the editing process!

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