These stones may break your bones

The time is now: Stones of Nairobi has been officially launched! I am SO excited to share this story with you. If you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it, you’re going to love it. Reviewers are saying it’s the best book in the series so far.

For the next 48 hours, everyone who purchases a copy also gets access to seven more books.

To get this 8-book awesomeness, follow these steps:

1) Purchase a copy of Stones of Nairobi (links are below).
2) Download your copy as soon as possible.
3) Go to the Table of Contents and click on the Bonus chapter (it’s at the end of the Table).
4) Follow the instructions in the Bonus chapter to download your seven free books.
5) Do all of this before the wee morning hours of 31st January.

Remember: you’ll have only 48 hours to download the seven free books. After that, the Bonus chapter will be removed, and the books return to whatever price they were before the launch.

Stones of Nairobi can be purchased in most online stores:
for Amazon, click HERE
for Kobo, click HERE
– For links to iBooks, Barnes&Noble and Smashwords, click HERE

Cheers and happy reading!


2 comments on “These stones may break your bones
  1. Wahida says:

    I’m late,I’m late! I just got this today,I wish I had been on time for the freebies! Alas,it could not be helped. Looking forward to reading the new case. Wahida,xx

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