‘This the season for fun facts & fab gifts, Part 3

Wow, it’s already mid December and time for the third part of the list of weird, wacky and wonderful, courtesy of your fellow Society members:

11)  How about some scary tales from Scotland? Meet the most notorious ghosts, myths and legends from Scottish folklore over HERE at this spooky site.

12) One reader claims that her very small town in Minnesota used to have a pickle factory and crowned a Miss Pickle every summer. What an honor…?!

13) The islands of Mumbai (Bombay) were given to the British Empire as part of the bride’s dowry for the marriage of Charles II of England and Catherine of Braganza (a Portuguese princess). Dang, all I got at my wedding were towels and a tea set…

14) The draft of “Case 7: Stones of Nairobi” is finished and being edited. Feel free to clap.

Are you still looking for gift ideas and running out of time? Why not consider digital stocking stuffers? How about some 99c deals? Yes, we all love those!

Happily Ever Alpha: 20 Billionaires. 20 Sizzling Ways to Fall in Love. Whether your fantasy is a prince or a self-made man, this 99c boxed set has all the hard-bodied, Alpha billionaires you can handle. Click HERE for Amazon, HERE for iTunes and HERE for Google Play.

25 Killer Cozies: Looking for your next cozy mystery read? Then look no further. “25 Mysteries to Die For” is a collection of 25 cozy mystery novels. At 99c, that’s as sweet a deal as any I can find you. Click HERE for Barnes&Noble

Power Shift: Shifters are dying in mysterious ways. Town manager Chia Petit is determined to solve the mystery, protect the shifters and save her town. Hindered by her vampire roommate, Chia has huge challenges ahead, not the least of which is the highly distracting bounty hunter Hung Durand. Click HERE for Amazon

A Merry Christmas Wedding Mystery: There’s less than a month to go before Georgie Shaw and Detective Jack Wheeler’s wedding. The sudden disappearance of a local celebrity puts Georgie and Jack into the middle of a mystery. Where’s the missing diva? If she didn’t vanish on her own accord, whodunit and why? Find out HERE on Amazon.

Well, that’s it from me until after Christmas. Have an awesome holiday. I’m going to be hanging around Mt Kenya with the family. What have you got planned? (I really do read all your comments and reply to them personally, so write me and let me know!)



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