Tigers in Kenya: yes or no?! Find out.

I’d love your thoughts on something new I’m trying out. Since early 2018, I’ve been working on The Lion Shifters series, five books and a prequel. Three of the books were co-written with a lovely gal, Su Boddie, and all …

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How do you create a culture from scratch? That’s what I needed to do for my Lion Shifters series. I wanted to incorporate aspects of traditional Kenyan culture with the paranormal world I was creating, while still giving a nod …

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Meet Emma Knight Timmons–disgraced witch, failed healer & borderline alcoholic. Can things get any worse? The answer to that question is always yes.

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In Africa, all supernatural power and magic emanates from three sources: gods, curses or demon spirits. In the case of Shifters, their power was the result of a powerful, ancient curse.

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