Never Ask These 3 Questions!

What’s inside: a free downloadable photo journal of Victorian Nairobi; the three questions you never ask a lady; and a limited-time special.

If you asked Mrs. Beatrice Knight, there are three questions you must never ask a lady: her age, her weight, and her body count. While Mrs. Knight isn’t the bloodthirsty sort, she has no hesitation in taking action where required, even if that action results in the premature demise of something or someone. That said, she doesn’t much appreciate you inquiring after the number of bodies she’s killed over the years.

Unfortunately for all concerned, the body count is about to increase in Case 5: Curse of the Nandi, Mrs. Knight’s most exciting adventure yet. Get ready for lots of laughs, a few tears, a number of surprises and vast quantities of tea.

CotN_promoMrs. Knight is preparing to start a life of marital bliss, or at least marital satisfaction, with her new husband who fortunately is very much alive and can’t float through walls. While she is no expert on honeymoons, she’s certain that they shouldn’t involve brainless heads, bloodsucking fireflies and Bubonic Plague.

These however are mere inconveniences, for there’s another threat of greater significance: the Nandi are rising up against their colonial masters and are determined to rid the land of all things British. The intrepid Mrs. Knight faces all this with her usual aplomb, her hefty walking stick and, of course, a pot of tea. But will her marriage survive?

Get re-acquainted with old friends — Mrs. Knight, her brother Drew, her best friend Cilla, Mrs. Steward, Lilly and Tiberius Elkhart, Jonas, Mr. Simon Timmons, Kam the Lightning God, Dr. Ribeiro — and meet some new ones along the way.

On 10 May 2016, Curse of the Nandi will be available at all major online retailers for a discounted price. Also included will be a related short story. Keep a close watch for the launch announcement, because on 12 May, the price goes up, and the short story will be removed.

To get you into the mood, I’ve prepared a photo journal of Nairobi. You’ll be taken on a visual tour of the town (such as it was in 1900), and meet a few of the historical characters as well. Plus, just for fun, I’ve thrown in a few of Mrs. Knight’s choicer expressions. Download your photo journal and enjoy

6 Comments on “Never Ask These 3 Questions!

  1. I have recently discovered your paranormal books by accident, thinking the first had something to do with the Tsavo lions. What a wonderful, refreshing surprise! I am now looking forward to the spider. I have never before read about the African supernatural world, which is a disgrace for a South African. Thank you for opening this new world to me!

  2. Hi Vered,I just bought the boxed set,sooo excited to read the other books and of course will be getting Curse of the Nandi as soon as I can. Loved the photo journal. Wahida.

  3. Thank you for sharing the photo journal of Victorian Nairobi, it was great ! The expression of the two elephants fighting is so true, and last but not least I have read the entire Paranormal series and have the release date of May 10th marked down so I can obtain a copy of CURSE OF THE NANDI. I know I won’t be disappointed ! Love your work !!!!

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