It’s raining rats

It’s the rainy season in Kenya (there are two a year), and you’ll seldom hear Kenyans complain about the arrival of the rain. We view it as a blessing. Everything greens up, the air is fresh, the crops grow, rainbows brighten the sky… you get the picture.

Not everyone likes the rain though. The rats living in the gutters, for example: they don’t appreciate being flooded from their homes. One such evicted family decided to move into MY home a couple weeks ago. Every evening, they come out from their new nest and run all over the house. It’s no joke when you walk into your kitchen, flip on the light and stare into the eyes of a rodent licking your plate clean.

At this point, I wish I had a hungry lion. Speaking of which, I learned from Emmanuel Paz that Kenya isn’t the only country blessed with man eating cats (as per the story in my last email). The man eaters of Njombe (Tanzania) were a pride of lions that devoured over 1,500 people in the first half of the 20th century. The British colonial government was trying to control the rinderpest virus which was killing livestock. To stop the virus, the government hunted down zebras and other wildlife. The poor lions were starving. I wonder how they’d feel about rats?

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PS: let me know if you have any tips to get rid of rats!

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