What can swallow you whole?

There are lots of creatures out there that would quite happily take a bite or more out of you. But how many can actually swallow a human in one gulp?

Well, there are a few whales big enough perhaps, but ironically they live on tiny plankton. The only way they’d swallow you is by accident, and they probably wouldn’t be too happy about having you splashing about inside.

Apart from whales, nothing else comes close, except the Titanoboa.

The Titanoboa is the largest, longest, heaviest snake ever discovered.


It’s about 13m (42ft) long and 1,135kg (2,500lbs). The thickest part of its body almost reaches a man’s waist. It’s rather like a boa on steroids but dwells in the water.

So we’re basically talking about a boa constrictor that’s as long as a school bus, as heavy as a rhino, that likes to swim.

And yes, it can swallow you whole.

It eats crocodiles for a snack.

Fortunately, it lived around 60million years ago, so you’re safe.

Or are you?

Many supposedly extinct creatures have been discovered hiding out in the deepest depths of water or jungle. And the Titanoboa is very much alive in The Ghost Lions of Tsavo.

So you never know…

What would you do if you found a Titanoboa?

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2 Comments on “What can swallow you whole?

  1. What would you do if you found a Titanoboa? First off, I would always go into the wilds with at least one other person; desirably one who was neither fleet of foot nor none too bright as that old sage adage applies here….. “You don’t have to outrun the (insert animal species here) just the person you are with !”

    Of course should someone invite YOU to accompany THEM on an adventure into the wilds then it’s best to quickly find out that persons’ athletic prowess as they, too, may have heard of the same old adage !

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